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JuniorSam..... is just a regular guy, with a strong passion for music production. It all started back in 2008 when he realised in all its glory, the beauty of music production. Mainly Dabbling in EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Junior has come into the spotlight after recently winning the ''Victo Ries - All Of These Sunsets'' Remix contest and coming in the to 20 for the ''Kimbra - Settle Down'' Remix Contest, as the top 20 were specifically selected by Kimbra herself and featured on the ''Earmilk'' website, Also winning numerous Remix competitions over the years, working with various artists and recieving awesome feedback from Artists, DJ's, Fans, Friends. It is now time to cement his place within the Music indusrty.. Born in the north of England Junior is hungry to succeed in what he calls ''HIS MISSION''. Whatever the weather you can assure JuniorSam will always create music.... Awaiting Publishers!! Collabs, Remixes. Juniorsamuelsuk@gmail.com

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High Voltage
From the 'Adrenaline' theme.

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Energetic Dubstep/House Mashup

uploaded 28/08/2013 at 06:24PM

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